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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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have been impressive. over 3 1/2 inches for parts of the santa includes mountains including ben lomond. walnut creek 0.75 inches. we do have more coming your way. the doppler is finding consistent activity near santa rosa, petaluma. we'll find more rainfall moving down here from san francisco to san mateo. that's coming down a decent clip here on 680 and in the 580. that's what we'll continue to see over the next six to eight hours are these on again, off again showers. utrooougho g ad deal gf the south bay, but we're expecting muswo tore storms and also our winter storm warning in just minutes. >> thank you very much, jeff. you can title this next video better late than never. after a dry winter it is snowing in the sierra. it is showing no signs of
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slowing down. eight inches is expected today at the 5,000 foot level and much more at higher elevations. while drivers were putting on chains, it wasn't just the snowy conditions that had them concerned but high winds were making thins challenging behind the wheel. >> for up to the minute forecasts, log on and click on weather. in the south bay, a man who works in a quiet community for more than a decade is charged with child molestation. prosecutors charge john walker with 14 counts of lewd acts with children in the campbell area. walker did not enter a plea today but is expected to be back in court next week. police say they have identified five victims but expect to find more during their ongoing investigation. if you or anyone you know employed walker for any amount of time in your home, you're urged to call campbell police. an 8-year-old boy is rofrg tonight after being shot in an apparent road rage incident. tonight police are still
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searching for that gunman. police say the boy's father might have accidentally cut off the gunman near the hilltop drive exit of interstate 80 in richmond around 10:30 last night. the suspect reportedly followed the car before pulling alongside it on birmingham drive and opening fire. the suspect immediately drove off. by the time officers arrived on scene, the father had already taken the boy to a nearby hospital. the boy is listed in good condition tonight. his father, mother and sibling were also in the car, but were not hurt. the family of a paypal executive killed after being hit by a caltrain says he suffered from depression and bipolar disorder. eric salvatierra was hit by a train. his wife said he was diagnosed with mental illness last summer. people continue to send condole ens via an online guest book that's been set up in his memory. his family said they're sharing the information to help those
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dealing with the disease and get rid of the stigma associated with mental illness. a big day for your retirement funds. the dow closed at its highest level since 2007. and the nasdaq closed above the 3000 mark for the first time in years. our business and tech reporter is here to tell us why we saw such a big rally today. >> lots of good news for the economy coming together to make you money today. for one thing bank stocks went way up, feeling confident enough to increase their cash dividends paid to stockholders. the federal reserve says the majority of our big banks passed what they call the stress test which means they're secure enough to survive another financial crisis. investors love to hear this sort of thing. the dow shot up, the nasdaq led higher by companies like apple and google closing above 3000 for first time since the year 2000. it was the best day for stocks this year.
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we're shopping more and that is another sign of confidence. dozen of people won't be eating dinner in their homes tonight after flames rip through a carport in oakland this morning and spread very quickly. cell phone video shows massive flames shooting from an apartment parking area. the fire broke out on adams street a few block from lake merritt. firefighters were able to put out the fire within 20 minutes, but the damage had been done. >> i hear a knock at door. i walked outside and that's when asked the fireman what happened. ma'am, we need you to step outside. there's a house fire, a garage fire. i was just like appalled when i walked outside and seen all this damage. >> total damage to the building and cars is thought to be about $200,000. it does not look like the fire was intentionally set. new numbers out today say if you're renting a home and you like it, you should stay put. that's because there's a lot of competition for people looking for homes, apartments and condos.
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the reason behind the demand and what the future holds. >> i'm happy to have the opportunity to, you know, have a backyard that kids can run around. and it's a create area and close to schools. excited about it. >> reporter: sherry woods can't wait to move into her new home in campbell. she's been looking for a rental there for about six months. >> watching the ads online, they're moving very fast. and so i was aware of that. and wanted to get in and get settled. and as we all know, moving can be overwhelming. >> reporter: woods was looking to rent in one of the roughest rental markets in a while. according to the online real estate database zillow, rents are up. in san mateo county the rents are up by 6.3%. in alameda county, 5.3%. in san francisco rents are down,
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but average nearly $3,000. >> the inventory is flying off the market. doesn't matter what the property is. >> reporter: on the western property group website single family properties are renting in two weeks and they have no listings for condos, apartments or duplexes. what is bad news for renters is great news for property owners on the fence about selling. >> if the owners can hold on to their property right now and not sell it, we're advising them to hold on to it and rent it because the rents are extremely high this year. there's a lot of people looking to rent so they can get it rented right away. >> reporter: the chief economist at zillow says that the foreclosure crisis is forcing homeowners into the rental market the ranks of which continues to grow. the chancellor of uc berkeley is stepping down at the end of the year. robert birgeneau announced that he was leaving after eight years on the job. he initially planned on staying seven years but said he stayed
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because of the california economic crisis. he plans to continue on in uc berkeley in a different role, teaching and conducting research. marching to washington. thousands of people are fighting to stop a massive increase in education costs. >> and budget cuts taking a toll on pet owners. if your dog or pet ends up in a shelter why you may soon have less time to save them from being killed. latest numbers in the republican races tonight.
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results are just starting to trickle in from gop races going on in alabama and mississippi. mitt romney is looking for his first win in the deep south while newt gingrich is struggling for political survival and rick santorum is trying to knock gingrich out. b bryan moar is following the returns from washington. >> reporter: the very latest news from nbc is that the
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alabama and mississippi races are both too early to call. for the republican candidates, they're hoping to shake things up tonight. president obama meanwhile is looking at some trouble on the horizon. as voters headed to the polls in alabama and mississippi, mitt romney was showing surprising strength in the polls. but still fighting an enthusiasm gap. >> i just still felt like romney was the best candidate for me. >> reporter: romney has already moved on to the upcoming caucus state of missouri a day after his 65th birthday, romney was looking for a surprise from voters. >> this is all about getting delegates and love to get more delegates tonight. if the polls are right, we'll pick up some delegates. >> reporter: but a win? >> he has the ability to seal the deal tonight with a win in either state, but a loss means this race continues to move on. >> reporter: newt gingrich may have the most riding on today's results. no win and his path forward looks like a dead end. rick santorum is hoping to
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transform himself from underdog into serious contender, though even his supporters seem skeptical. >> even if santorum is not electable, people voting for him makes a stand that his values are important. >> reporter: the man they all want to beat in the fall was talking tough today on china and foreign trade. >> you will not get away with skirting the rules. >> reporter: but president obama is showing weakness in the latest "new york times"/cbs poll. a 9-point approval ratings plunge in a month. and that is being blamed on high gas prices. that same poll shows the republican candidates closing the gap on president obama in head-to-head contests. but tonight in alabama and mississippi, the headline from nbc news, both races too early to call. live in washington, i'm bryan mooar, nbc bay area news. >> some tight races, bryan, thanks very much. the president's re-election campaign will make a bay area stop this month. first lady michelle obama is
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coming to san francisco march 30th. a ticket to the fund-raiser will cost $1,000. and if you want a picture with mrs. obama, be ready to shell out five grand. the first lady was last in the bay area last june. bay area animal lovers braved today's wet weather to support a law that's under fire. they join members of the alameda county board of supervisors who are urging state laurps to keep hayden's law, it ensures that shelters keep animals for four to six days before putting them down as well as provide sick or injured animals with treatment. the state reimburses shelters for care, but due to budget cuts the governor is looking at reappealing parts of the law. >> if this bill is repealed, that goes off the map and these shelters will not be eligible for reimbursement for these animals, veterinary care will not be required to be provide and people who get separated from their pets may have as little as 72 hours to find their pet before the pet may be put up
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for adoption or euthanized. >> supporters say other states adopted similar loss because of hayden's law and that california needs to keep leading the way. student loan payments could skyrocket this summer and college students are fighting back. students from across the country delivered more than 100,000 letters to capitol hill today asking congress to stop interest rates from increasing. the interest rate on new subsidized stafford loans will double in july. president obama has asked congress to keep the lower rate. he said that would save student morse than $1,000 over the life of the loan. take a moment and go back to the storm that's sweeping the bay area. north bay, one of the places hardest hit. monty francis is live in san raphael with what the conditions look like there, monty. >> reporter: the rain has been strong and steady all day long. this is what's happening as a result. just take a look. you can see that water is just gushing down some roads, and it's causing some minor
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flooding. in san raphael, the relentless rain caused storm drains to overflow and turned some roads into small rivers. the slick roads made driving dangerous. this was just one of almost a dozen accidents on highway 101 in marin county. here no one was hurt. but in concord, a rain-related accident was deadly. a van skidded off the on ramp of willow pass road of 680 this afternoon dikilling the driver, 45-year-old man from pittsburg. the accident backed up traffic for hours. strong gusts of wind prompted a high wind advisory on the richmond san raphael bridge. and in san anselmo the creek is rising but nowhere near flood stage. >> i think everyone kind of wkd it, we need it right now. you deal with it. >> reporter: at sfo the rain and low clouds caused delays of more than three hours for some arriving flights. a handful of departing flights were canceled and dozens others delayed. >> the flight coming in was
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delayed, which delayed my flight to cleveland, which made me miss my flight, and so the only viable option was to fly out red eye tonight with connections. >> we're just spending the whole day in the airport. basically. till 7:30 tonight. >> reporter: after a mostly dry winter, mother nature is making up for some lost time. and public works officials are trying to sweep leaves and debris from the storm drains to prevent flooding. and they have their hands full with much more rain in the forecast. live in san raphael, monty francis, nbc bay area news. let's see where the rain is falling right now, check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> the next 24 to 36 hours and our top wind dwuss right now in oakland, winds south-southeast at 21 miles per hour. now, as the radar scans around, we're finding a lot of this
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consistent active tiff still in the north bay. as it pushes slowly off to the south, the problem is it's breaking up. so we're not seeing quite as high a rain totals down here in to san jose. but let's take you outside just in case and you've been here in san jose, this is what it's been looking like in san francisco all day long with that low cloud cover. even while the rain's only been light to moderate at times on that roadway, it is producing visibilities way down to just hundreds of feet in some cases. no matter where you're going tonight, if you're headed up north in the pennen sul larks it will be treacherous on your commute. what we're going to do is zoom in to where we're still finding some of this activity, namely back to the east bay, berkeley getting around, the moderate rainfall will continue to push through livermore tonight. we'll find these areas drying, then areas of showers returning, not too much happening in san jose, but we will start to see everything migrate to the south as we continue through tonight with this system as it breaks up. up across the sierra, it is just going and going strong across
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interstate 80, also highway 50. visibility down, heavy snow at times where we could see one to three feet of snow up across the summit as you start to encounter that snow at about 4,000 feet. it's blustery out here with these numbers right now. the upper 40s to low and mid-50s. let's get you into our weather headlines. about what can we expect over the next 24 hours? still a chance of showers as we head out tomorrow morning. then two more storms coming with the forecast with even a decent chance of a thunderstorm and even some hail. here's that cold front continuing to move off towards the south. very, very slow mover will be with us through tomorrow morning. that next system is shaping up back out here in the pacific. it looks to be weaker on the scale of things, but nonetheless we'll take every raindrop we can get. through tonight we have this front lingering with us all the way into tomorrow morning through about 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. then we'll start to see a little bit of drying here by the noon hour and also into the afternoon. we'll see a few possible showers, but this consistent
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nonstop rain that we've had in the north bay, that will be ending by tomorrow evening. then we'll see a little bit of a break for thursday morning, then this second storm system this week looks to arrive as we head throughout early friday and last through friday at this point. overall snow totals at least as we look into tomorrow will be from one to three feet as we mentioned near the summit. for tonight, the cloud cover will moderate numbers, 49 in napa, 53 in los gatos with 50 in santa cruz. daytime highs the you'll need the jacket tomorrow with the second system off shore the cold air won't be going anywhere. 60 in san jose, 60 in malpitas, 60 in alameda and back to san francisco, 58. santa rosa expecting 60 and bodega bay, 54. we coop this chance of rain in the forecast mainly for tomorrow morning, then that next storm system for thursday night and lingering into friday with temperatures in the 60s. then our third storm this week
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arrives as we head throughout saturday and also sunday. much, much colder air. snow levels could go down to 2,000 feet. and we're also talking about a very, very good chance here of some isolated thunderstorms and also potentially some hail, with temperatures that would be in the low 50s. that eventually will start to clear out as we head into tuesday of next week. the remarkable thing is with these three storms this week, we could see more rain in this five-day period than we've seen for all of february and all of march so far. >> that's surprising after the dry winter we had that it wouldn't take that much. >> thanks, jeff. many of us can waste hours on our ipads. but a new study finds that tablets can also save valuable time for doctors. more than 100 hospital residents were given ipads to access patient medical records, the hospital paging system and medical information. four months later the majority of them said the ipad saved them about an hour a day.
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they were able to spend more time with patients instead of waiting to use a hospital computer. >> save an hour a day, more time to play angry birds. >> that's true. or tend to patients. >> that too. homeless hotspots. reaction to a controversial plan that uses the homeless to improve internet service. >> would you rather gain extra weight or a de getting ready to plant? chances are your soil is like this: compacted, drained of nutrients.
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bay area homeless advocates are sounding off tonight over a controversial charitable project that turns the homeless into wifi hotspots. >> hotspot, hotspot! >> an east coast advertising agency teamed up with the homeless advocacy group in austin, texas, to outfit homeless people with 4-g devices this week giving them a chance to make money as roving homeless
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hotspots, but many complained the homeless hotspot project dehumanizes the homeless while others say they hope the program comes to san francisco. >> i love it. i'd love to be the hotspot. i'd be the first advocate for it. let's do it. >> i think it makes an object of the person. that individual is not a hotspot. that individual is a person. >> the pr company behind the idea said the homeless hotspot project is just a test program. no word on any plans to bring it to other cities. here's a sure sign the economy has taken a toll on americans. more people would rather pack on ten extra pounds than take on $10,000 in extra debt. those are the findings of a new survey by yahoo! that found 78% of americans would rather gain extra weight than extra debt. now when the amount of the weight shot up to 50 pounds, 46% of the people said they'd rather gain the weight than the debt. >> i agree with that survey completely. a san jose woman scores a great new gadget after tinakg a embarrassing fall on "ellen"
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in case you missed it, a south bay woman got her 15 minutes of fame this afternoon on "ellen" after playing the game know or go. >> morgan freeman was the voice of the movie march of the penguins. finish this phrase, march comes in like a lion and goes out like a -- >> bear? >> no, no. all right. i'm going to retire you right now. >> oh, no. >> she got dropped, as ellen calls it, after missing her question, but she did walk away with a brand new ipad. not bad for a little
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embarrassment in front of millions of people nationwide and across the street and next door and all that. >> i always wonder what's down there? like just a big air mattress, you know? because within seconds they just come walking out like everything's fine. >> you hope so even if you know there's an air mattress down there, it's like ah. >> a final check of our wet forecast. >> we are find something of the heaviest activity right near san raphael also for the coastal mountains near santa cruz, that will continue for tonight. we'll get consistent rainfall throughout san jose and on your seven-day forecast, what you'll find is another chance of rain thursday and friday, then another round of thunderstorms for this upcoming weekend into st. patrick's day. >> a lot of people taking that seven-day to heart. people have already canceled what they're doing outdoors. they're listening. >> thanks so much for joining us.
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